Sales Talent Insights

September 2018 – SalesLoft vs Outreach

Now that the summer is finally over, many SaaS sales leaders are starting to think about fiscal 2019 planning and one of the big questions is always “What should our ARR goal be for next year?”

Regardless of whether your goal is to double or maybe even triple your ARR in 2019, there is one thing for certain and that is you will need to start hiring more CSMs, more SDRs, and more AEs, and most importantly you need to start hiring NOW.

In one of Jason Lemkin’s recent blog posts, he talks about 5 key things that every startup should do at this time of year and #2 on the list was this one:

“You have to try to hire as many of the sales reps you’ll need for the end of Q1 … by mid-Q4”

And Jason then went on to say….

“However many sales reps you think you need next year — you always need at least 1.5x more.”

So the team at TalentHunter.AI thought we should put this hiring strategy to the test by comparing both the existing and the to be hired sales talent at two of the fastest growing players in SaaS; and These companies are highly regarded as hiring some of the best sales talent in the US and based on our recent analysis (infographic below) they have built very strong teams to-date, and just like Jason recommended, they both have aggressive hiring plans to ensure an even more successful 2019.

Next month we will compare another two SaaS companies from a sales talent perspective and we would love to hear your feedback on any areas that we should include/expand in our October Sales Talent Insights.

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