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Request a free company hiring account to add your open sales positions. TalentHunter.AI is 100% free to receive matches, submit interview requests and to chat with candidates. 


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Our algorithms together with human curation match and score the best sales talent in our marketplace that meets your criteria together with a candidate's personalised wish list, including their preferred salary, role, and lots more. Anonymous profiles give you the advantage of connecting with sales talent who are discreetly open to exploring new opportunities.


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Submit interview requests to the candidates you like and those who want to learn more will respond within 72 hours, enabling you to chat live with candidates, to schedule interviews, and make hiring offers. There’s no upfront cost to join and you only pay our fees after you hire. 

Our Pricing Model: Pay After Success

It's completely free to become a hiring partner and get access to our anonymous sales talent marketplace where you can create a company profile, add jobs, browse matched talent profiles and submit interview requests. When you are finally ready to make a hire we charge a 2% success fee per hire, or you can choose our unlimited hiring subscription.

Pay Per Hire - Fixed Rate Fee

Price: 2% of Base Salary

Unlimited Hires - Annual Plan

Price: £2995 per year

Unlimited Hires - Monthly

Price: £299 x 12m

Are you an early stage start-up?

If you are series A or below in terms of investment we can offer you our popular unlimited hiring subscription at a reduced monthly subscription rate of just £199 payable over 12 months. Contact us using the link below for more details.  

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Just 25% of sales professionals are actively looking for a new career opportunity. Join us today to reach the 75% who are discreetly open to hearing about new opportunities. 

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