Sourcing Passive Sales Talent: How To Fill The Top of The Funnel

Jul 18 – 4 min read

Looking for your next superstar sales hire?

You’re not alone in this challenge. As David Skok from Matrix Partners rightly said in his excellent blog post from last year entitled “Recruiting — The 3rd Crucial Startup Skill” — the hardest part of recruiting is filling the top of the funnel, the sourcing of the best talent with the right skills for your business.

There’s stiff competition in the tech industry, and unfortunately (I’m sure you already know this) the best sales talent are rarely looking for a new job. So what’s the best way to go about finding your next sales hire in this needle in a haystack market?

Well, if your company is looking to hire developers, you are in luck as there are some great options available, including the likes of, and But what about sourcing sales talent — and more specifically tech sales talent?

Surely someone’s dreamt up some amazing, disruptive new innovative platform that can do it all for you? (Yes, that’s us! We have! But I’ll get to that part soon)

Let’s check out your current options first.

There are jobs boards, where you carefully craft an ad and hope for the best. Praying that your dream sales hire is 1) currently job hunting, 2) happens to go on the board, 3) sees your job post, and 4) likes your job post enough to update their CV and apply. That’s a whole lot of factors that need to fall into place to be successful. Sure, it’s worth a go, but your chances look slim, and you may be inundated with irrelevant applications.

Then there’s recruitment agencies. It’s their job to find great matches for the role, right? Agencies use jobs boards, but they use other techniques to find candidates, too. They check out their own databases for potential matches. They trawl LinkedIn. They run keywords searches through their systems. They network.

But guess what? Those agencies are going to charge you on average of 20% of your new hire’s salary. Ouch. Particularly painful when you’re a start up needing to scale your sales team quickly.

While there are tools to search for sales talent, such as LinkedIn, they don’t do the full job that you really need as almost everyone’s profile looks the same and important criteria like quota attainment is rarely shown.

It’s time to hit refresh on the way you source sales talent.

There’s no doubt the recruiting world is evolving, but there still has to be a better, more transparent way that is painless on both sides — for companies and candidates.

Companies want to source great candidates quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. Job seekers want to be shown relevant jobs, that really match their skills, experience and most importantly their desires.

And, then there’s the curious, the people who are already currently employed but are willing to learn about a suitable opportunity that may be better than the one they’re already in. After all, 80% of the market is passive sales talent, and 60% of these are open to opportunities.

And so, TalentHunter.AI was born.


What makes TalentHunter.AI different?

Using the power of AI we’re matchmaking at that next level. We’re taking candidate’s skills (including key details such as average deal sizes, recent quotas, domain expertise, etc), their sales experience, their personalised wish list, and matching those to our client’s unique requirements.

Looking for an enterprise account exec who has 5+ years experience selling 100k ACV deals in the Big Data tech space, is trained in MEDDIC, and has smashed quota for 3 years running? Stop searching — we’ve got you covered!

All our candidate profiles are anonymous so those who are currently employed are able to check out new career opportunities without their bosses finding out.

If a candidate is interested in an opportunity being presented to them, our platform creates a private chat session between the candidate and the company, making the process streamlined and transparent.

Requirement Agency Alternative

It’s completely free for companies to join the platform and to get talent matches, and with a success fee on hire that’s much less than a traditional recruitment agency, you’ll save precious time and money!

TalentHunter.AI’s brilliance isn’t just in our matching engine. It’s in capturing sales talent who are already in jobs but would leave for something better. And if you’ve got the right lure… well, it might be a match.

Get your AI & human curated talent matches in 48 hours.

Are you ready to try a new approach to sourcing the best sales talent?

Request a free company account here and within 48 hours you’ll receive a curated showcase of talent matches for your open sales roles. All you then need to do is simply click “Request Interview” on the ones you like best….how easy is that?


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