About Us

The TalentHunter.AI Story

TalentHunter.AI is an anonymous sales talent marketplace, powered by AI and human curation, that has been designed and built exclusively for matching SaaS sales professionals with career opportunities at tech companies from early-stage startups to global enterprises. 

Disrupting IT Sales Recruitment

We have created a new way to engage and hire the best SaaS sales talent, a platform where companies apply to sales talent, not the other way around.

AI-Powered Headhunting

Using clever algorithms we anonymise candidate profiles, like the example below, and match them with career opportunities based on their own unique wish list. Candidates can then decide whether it’s the right fit and to start the interview process. Hiring companies are presented with the best candidates that match their unique criteria.

Source Top Sales Talent 10x Faster 

Companies using TalentHunter.AI experience a 10x faster approach to sourcing SaaS sales talent as the candidate profiles in our marketplace are rich in data that’s most relevant ensuring better matches, and better matches lead to a 70% interview acceptance rate.

Save on Agency Fees

Finally, we wanted to disrupt the status-quo of tech companies having to pay out a traditional 20% per-hire in recruitment agency fees. The tech companies that hire using our platform are making significant savings in recruitment fees leading to more budget to hire the best A-Player SaaS sales talent – it’s a win-win. 

Welcome to TalentHunter.AI – The SaaS Sales Talent Marketplace. We hope you will join us.