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Stop sending your CV into the abyss. Create a free digital profile to anonymously showcase your tech sales experience and career wish list to 100s of tech companies hiring sales talent in the UK & Ireland. 🚀


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Once you are accepted onto TalentHunter.AI, our clever AI algorithms anonymise your profile and match you with career opportunities at software companies that meet your requirements. Your identity remains completely hidden until you accept an interview request that you would like to pursue. 🕵


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Receive transparent interview requests directly from company hiring managers with salary details up front. You then decide when to start a conversation right inside our platform. 

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One Profile = Many Matches

Don't waste your time with 3rd party recruiters. At TalentHunter.AI, you create one profile and companies then apply to you, and only if they match your career wish list.  

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Your profile is continuously matched with new career opportunities, so you always know your market worth by seeing what other companies would offer you.   

Anonymous & Discrete

We take privacy very seriously. Your profile gets anonymised, hiding company names and removing your full identity. Additionally, you will never get matched with your current or previous employers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should i join if i am not looking for a new job?

70% of our users aren't looking for a new role either - but they want to be in the know so that when something awesome comes up they don't miss out.  

How is my profile anonymous? 

We automatically remove company names from your job history and we anonymise your name. We also make it easy for you to manually hide anything else in your profile. 

Is TalentHunter.AI really free? 

It's free to join us and create a profile, we also provide you with a free downloadable CV which looks awesome, much nicer than the boring old CVs you may have used in the past. 

Can my manager/employer find out?

Absolutely not! We never match your profile to your current or previous employers so they will never know you are part of our talent marketplace.

What kind of sales candidates are able to join TalentHunter.AI?

We are 100% focused on sales roles, so that's pretty much everything customer facing including SDRs, Customer Success Managers, Account Execs, Pre-Sales Engineers, Channel Managers, Partner Managers, as well as sales leadership positions including VPs and Directors. 


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